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We offer airport transfers services that’ll help you save on your carbon footprint. We’re green, sleek and modern.
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airport taxi

e-Wave is the first fully electric car airport taxi service.

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Meet our team of local partner drivers for airport taxis near me, and be sure of safety!

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Use e-Wave Airport Transfer for a greener world.

e-Wave Airport Transfers

Helping the world turn the tide on climate change!

Our company’s mission is to plant one tree for every traveler who chooses us as their preferred mode of ground transportation. For each airport transfer, airport taxi, and airport taxis near me we provide, we are partnering with reforestation projects around the world to plant trees - supporting sustainable forestry practices that protect our planet's natural resources for future generations.

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Popular routes

Luton Airport London ⇆ Cambridgeshire


Heathrow Airport London ⇆ Cambridgeshire


Gatwick Airport London ⇆ Cambridgeshire


Cambridge → Oxford


Cambridge → London


Cambridge → Birmingham


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Experience the Future of Travel with E-WAVE: Electric and Efficient

Our fleet

All of our vehicles are electric, which reduces emissions and produces a smoother, more enjoyable ride. E-WAVE provides airport transfers, airport taxis near me and chauffeurs to hotels, airports, residences, where we will be on standby 24/7 365 days a year. We guarantee our drivers are courteous and professional. We want your experience with e-WAVE to be as pleasant as possible so that you will come back time and time again.

Additional services

Available for an extra fee depending on the route.


Fully Electric Airport Transfers

The First Fully Electric Airport Transfer Shuttle: e-Wave is a first of its kind, fully electric car airport shuttle service. You can request an e-Wave outside baggage claim, and it will be there in minutes.


Be the first to take a ride in the latest innovation - electric airport shuttle service.


E-Wave will reduce CO2 emissions by operating on clean electricity, fuel costs and noise pollution.


Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing our environmentally friendly service.


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Why Choose Us?

We offer an airport transfers service like no other!

E-Wave is a company that specializes in green airport transfer services. We are the first fully electric car airport transfer, airport taxis near me and chauffeur service in UK. We provide comfortable, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation for your family, friends or anyone you would like to pick up at the airport.

We drive happy passengers from the airport to their desired destination with green transport. Our goal is clear: To create a clean future for our planet through sustainable transportation.

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USE e-Wave Green Airport Transfers for a greener world

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E-WAVE: Your Eco-Friendly Choice for Cambridge-Bound Transfers
E-WAVE Airport Transfer: Redefining the Standard of Travel
Green Commuting, Stylish Arrivals: E-WAVE Airport Transfer Solutions.
"Seamless, Stylish, Sustainable: E-WAVE Airport Transfer Excellence"

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