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There is no way of getting around it – with our growing demand for sustainable alternatives to transportation and food among other things, we are changing into a more environmentally-aware society. The rapidly growing technology industry allows us to make significant changes in the way we make use of our resources and make what we once thought impossible a reality. We are living in a time where a car has been sent into space! Suddenly, the chance of you entering a taxi powered by electric motors does not seem so impossible anymore, does it? Some loyal e-Wave customers have already had the privilege of experiencing this phenomenon.

Our company’s mission is to plant one tree for every traveler who chooses us as their preferred mode of ground transportation. For each transfer we provide, we will be planting trees in partnership with reforestation projects around the world – supporting sustainable forestry practices that protect our planet’s natural resources for future generations.

Our goal is to enable sustainable economic growth, reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions in the city, and help people find their way around Cambridgeshire.

You can find out the prices for trips in our online booking system, or by calling us by phone or WhatsApp in the contacts section.

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