About Us

e-Wave is a transportation company that provides eco-friendly transfer services. Our cars are fully electric, as sustaining our environment today will help us have a better future for tomorrow. What started as an idea is now a mission to save the world by limiting the use of CO2.

So if you require an airport transfer for your friends, family, or loved ones, we are the ones you should go with.

We offer airport transfers near me services in Cambridgeshire to/from Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted. 

This idea was born while designing a sustainable future and to help reduce CO² emissions by ridding of traditional fuels.

What started as an idea gradually turned into reality through collaboration with manufacturers, engineers and dealerships.

We ensure you that we deliver what we commit to, and you will experience this once you ride with us. You will know and understand the difference between us and a traditional taxi service. For businesses, we also offer Green certificates that show the carbon footprint compared to an average traditional car.

It’s simple – we offer an airport transfer service like no other! We drive happy passengers from the airport to their desired destination with green transport.

Our goal is clear: To create a clean future for our planet through sustainable transportation.

If you are looking for airport taxis near me, we are here to get you to places on time. e-Wave offers you the blessedly silent and uneventful rides you need after a long flight. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Cambridge airport transfers, Huntingdon airport transfers, St. Ives airport transfers, St Neots airport transfers or Northstowe airport transfers. As long as it’s in the UK, we can get you there safely

"Our goal is to enable sustainable economic growth, reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions in the city, and help people find their way around Cambridge."

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Why Choose Us?

Helping the world turn the tide on climate change!

Our company’s mission is to plant one tree for every traveler who chooses us as their preferred mode of ground transportation.

For each transfer we provide, we will be planting trees in partnership with reforestation projects around the world - supporting sustainable forestry practices that protect our planet's natural resources for future generations.

"E-WAVE: Redefining the Art of Smooth and Green Airport Transfers"
"E-WAVE: Elevating Your Airport Transfer Experience to New Heights"
E-WAVE Airport Transfer: On-Time, Every Time, Every Mile.

Cambridgeshire, UK