A Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Taxi & Chauffeur Services

E-WAVE is the first fully electric car intercity taxi and chauffeur services in Cambridgeshire, UK.
We offer an environmentally friendly alternative to standard taxis and chauffeur services. Our cars are powered solely by electricity from electric car charging points, meaning our vehicles cause no pollution whatsoever!

In recent years, we have seen a growing number of people who want to reduce the environmental impact on their day-to-day life by driving more sustainable vehicles. E-Wave offers an environmentally friendly alternative without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

We at E-WAVE strongly believe that innovation should represent a sustainable future for all of us. By investing in renewable energy sources, we can put an end to fossil fuels as well as fight climate change together!

It all started with a personal drive to be more environmentally conscious while trying to find a way to make my lifestyle easier – I love the outdoors and wanted to be able to spend more time outside with my family instead of sitting in traffic jams or spending hours commuting. I had always loved my car but hated how expensive fuel was getting, how much CO2 it was emitting into the atmosphere and how dependent I was on petrol stations which would soon become impossible in winter due time.

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